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Digestion in ileum



DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND DIGESTION IN HUMANS Organs that are involved with feeding in humans constitute the digestive system Digestive System and Associated Glands Human digestive system starts at the mouth and ends at the anus.¬†This is the alimentary canal. Digestion takes place inside the lumen of the alimentary canal. The epithelial wall that faces the lumen has mucus glands (goblet cells). These secrete mucus that lubricate food and prevent the wall from being digested by digestive enzymes. Present at specific regions are glands that secrete digestive enzymes. The liver and pancreas are organs that are closely associated with the alimentary canal. Their secretions get into the lumen and assist in digestions Digestive system consists of: Mouth Oesophagus Stomach   Small intestines – consist of duodenum, the first part next to the stomach, ileum – the last part that ends up in a vestigial caecum and appendix which are non¬¨functional Large… Read More »DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND DIGESTION IN HUMANS

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