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CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING ORGANISMS MODERN CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING ORGANISMS All organisms cannot be suitably classified as either plants or animals based on CarolusLinneaus classification. Therefore five kingdoms have been generally accepted for all living organisms, these include Monera, Protista, fungi, plantae and animalia.   KINGDOM MONERA (Prokaryotes) This group consists of simplest living organisms (bacteria, blue-green anabaena). They are microscopic single-celled. The cell wall does not contain cellulose. It is made up of protein and fatty materials. They have no definite nucleus. Nucleus lack nuclear membrane and DNA are scattered in the cytoplasm. They lack most cell organelles except the Reproduction is asexual by binary fission.   KINGDOM PROTISTA They are unicellular The organisms are all eukaryotes i. e. cell have definite Most protists are aquatic organisms. They move either by cilia, flagella or Some are free living while few are parasitic. Protists can be broadly divided into two groups;… Read More »CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING ORGANISMS

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