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basic technology (Secondary School)


DEFINITION OF MAINTENANCE Maintenance in engineering work is defined as the functions that should be carried out every day in order to keep the plant or any engineering equipment in good operating condition.  Any breakdown in plant and engineering equipment is the result of inadequate maintenance of equipment.   TYPES OF MAINTENANCE Predictive maintenance: This is a method of using modern device to predict, or foresee an impending breakdown in a machine. Preventive maintenance: This is the maintenance carried out on any equipment or machinery even before the need arises.  This type of maintenance begins right from the time the equipment is first installed. Corrective maintenance: This is repair work carried out when equipment has broken down.   EVALUATION Define maintenance State 3 types of maintenance   GENERAL EVALAUTION State three uses of (i) ceramic (ii) rubber Mention 5 woodwork bench fittings   WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT Define maintenance State 3 types… Read More »MAINTENANCE

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