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Decorative Lighting

Catering, Home economics, Home management


Light is radiant energy that enables us to see. Sources of light Sources of light are either natural or artificial. Natural Lighting The main sources of natural light is the sun. Other sources include the moon and the stars. Natural light gets into a room through openings such as doors, windows and skylights. Artificial lighting Sources of artificial light include: Lamps, torches, candles, among others. Methods of lighting Different methods of lighting are used in the home. They include:- Direct lighting Semi direct Indirect lighting Decorative Direct Lighting Direct lighting is when light is focused on a point where it is required for a specific purpose.   Semi Direct Lighting: Semi Direct Lighting is where light is distributed in all directions. In-direct lighting:  In-direct lighting is where the source of light is hidden and the light is directed onto a surface such as a wall or ceilling. The light is… Read More »LIGHTING IN THE HOME

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