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FOOD CHAINS What is a food chain? A food chain is a linear relationship between producers and consumers. It represents the transfer of food energy from green plants through repeated stages of eating and being eaten. Types of Food Chain Grazing food chain – starts with green plants. Detritus food chain – starts with dead organic material (debris or detritus). Detritivores: Detritivores feed on organic wastes and dead matter derived from the grazing food chain. Many different types of organisms feed on detritus. They include fungi, protozoa, insects, mites annelids and nematodes.   Examples of Food Chains Green plants~ aphids ~ lady-bird beetle Green plants ~antelope -lion Algae ~Tilapia ~ kingfisher Plant debris ~bacteria -eprotozoa ~ mosquito larva Phytoplankron-eZooplankton ~ Tilapia ~ Nile perch ~ Human Food Web In a natural community, several food chains are interlinked to form a food web. Several herbivores may feed on one plant. Similarly,… Read More »FOOD CHAINS

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