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INTRODUCTION Repentance is the act of changing ones attitudes and behaviours from bad to good. This is only completed when you decided to change totally and forsake the evil ways absolutely. Everyone that is born on earth with flesh and blood has the tendencies to perpetuate evil. This is as a result of Adamic nature in us. In fact, our environment also contributes greatly to this, because of the level of corruptions that has eaten deeply into our system. It is a pity that some take evil for good and good for evil.   PAUL’S REPENTANCE Conversion of Paul from Judaism to Christianity [Acts 9:1-21]. Saul (Paul) got letters from high priests to Synagogue at Damascus to bring bound to Jerusalem those who professed the name of Christ. Approaching Damascus, a sudden light shown, he fell down and heard a voice: Saul, why do you persecute me? Who art thou,… Read More »CALL TO REPENTANCE

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