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1) Courage and bravery. David was courageous and brave. Modern leaders should be ready to die with and for their subjects. 2) Gratitude Thankful and grateful. David always thanked God for any success or favors he received. Good leaders should be thankful and grateful to God as well as to their fellow human beings. 3) Loyalty. David was loyal to God and to the Israelites. A good leader should be loyal, and never betray his people. 4) Justice. David administered justice to all his subjects without favoring anyone. No tribalism or nepotism. A leader should be fair to all (2 Samuel 8:15). 5) God – fearing Having faith. David was God fearing. He expressed his total trust in God. Modern leaders need to emulate this quality. 6) Humility. A leader should be a humble person. Though David had been appointed as the king, he continued to serve Saul until Saul… Read More »LEADERSHIP OF KING DAVID



David took over kingship of Israel though some people resisted his rule. At first he ruled the house of Judah. Later on the other tribes rallied behind him.   Importance of King David David became king after the death of Saul. He ruled for over 40 years as king of Judah and Israel. Achievements of David 1) He was a brilliant military commander. 2) He captured the old fortress of Jerusalem from the Jebusites and made it his capital city. 3) He removed the ark of covenant from the house of Abinadab in Shiloh and brought it to Jerusalem. 4) He expressed great faith in God. Through his faith in God, he was able to kill Goliath, the great Philistine warrior. 5) He was a skilled musician and composed marry psalms that were used and are still being used in temple and church worship. 7) He expanded the geographical boundaries… Read More »IMPORTANCE OF DAVID



Reasons for and Against Kingship in Israel Introduction Yahweh remained the God of Israel and the sovereign ruler of his people. Leadership refers to the manner in which a community’s way of life is ruled or controlled. When Israelites settled in Canaan, Judges ruled them for the first 200 years.   Some of the judges were (i) Othniel, (ii) Ehud (iii) Samson (iv) Deborah (v) Gideon (vi) Shamgar (vii). Samuel (viii). Barak   Duties of judges Leading Israelites to war against their enemies. Settling disputes among the people. Acting as religious leaders and leading Israelites in worship. Offering sacrifices on behalf of the people. Some of the judges acted as God’s prophets. They anointed kings, for example Samuel anointed King David.   Demands for a King in Israel After Israelites settled in Canaan, the Promised Land, they started demanding for an earthly king to rule over them.   These demands… Read More »LEADERSHIP IN ISRAEL: DAVID AND SOLOMON

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