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Data Processing Cycle

Data Processing (secondary)


In this chapter, you shall learn about what is data and information; the difference between data and information. Attempt to distinguish between manual and electronic data processing.   DEFINITION OF DATA The term data means any basic fact which may be input to some processing system. A processing system is one where computations, comparisons and general manipulation of data are done. The processing may be people or machine e.g the computer.   Information on the other hand, is the end – result of a processing system. The information is needed by management for decision making. The relationship between data and information is shown in the diagram below:   WHAT IS DATA PROCESSING? Data processing is the task of using a collection of basic facts to produce information, usually it has no value in itself until it is subjected to analysis, validations and comparisons with other data produce result (information), for… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO DATA PROCESSING



Definition of Data Processing Data processing is the process of producing meaningful information by collecting all items of data together and performing operations on them to extract information. Data processing can also be described as a series of actions or operations that convert or manipulate data into useful information. Data processing involves the systematic recording, calculation, selection and combination of data to obtain facts and disseminate facts in relation to events in our everyday life. The processing of data can either be done manually or with the use of electronic machines. Data processing can involve calculating, sorting, editing etc.   Data Processing Cycle Data processing cycle includes the following: Data Gathering At this stage, data is gathered through various ways such as asking questions observations, reading books, listening and watching electronic media (radio and television). For example, giving a prospective customer a form to fill before opening a bank account… Read More »DATA PROCESSING

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