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Dangers of electrostatics



Some substances get charged when rubbed against other substances i.e. nylon, plastic, paper etc. the charge acquired stays within the body i.e. it does not move and therefore known as electrostatic charge or static electricity.   The law of charges – types of charges There are two types of charges i.e. negative and positive charges. The negative charge consists of electrons which are mobile. The law of charges in summary states that “like charges repel, unlike charges attract’’. Just like in magnetism attraction is not a sure way of testing for charge but repulsion because it will only occur if the bodies are similarly charged.   Charges, atoms and electrons The atom is made up of a central part called the nucleus, containing positively charged ions called protons and outwardly surrounded by negatively charged electrons. The nucleus also contain the particles called neutrons which are not charged. When an atom… Read More »ELECROSTATICS I

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