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Cutting out Tools

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Needlework requires the use of some special tools and equipment which are categorized into two main groups: Small and Large:   Measuring   Cutting   Transferring pattern markings   Sewing   Pressing   Storage   Others   Objectives   Describe how to use and care for basic sewing tools and equipment.  Measuring Tools  Tape measure  Measuring Gauge  Meter stick   Choice The tape measure should: Be clearly marked on both sides up to 150cm. Be woven and plastic coated to avoid fraying and stretching. Have metal ends.   Use and Care Remove from the work while cutting out; it can be cut accidentally. Roll up when not in use.   It should:  Be firm.  Be clearly matched at right angles.  Have several measurements marked.  Used for measuring small width.  Store after use.  Meter Stick   Choice of a Meter Stick It should be:  Made of smooth wood or plastic.  Marked… Read More »BASIC SEWING TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT

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