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A cut is a slit or break on the skin caused by sharp objects such as razor blades, broken glass and knives while bruises are caused by blunt blows. Prevention  Store sharp objects safely.  Use and care for knives appropriately.  Dispose off empty tins, broken bottles and other sharp objects e.g. by burying.  Keep doors of cupboards, wardrobes and drawers closed.  Household items should be kept in their appropriate places.   Management Cuts  Clean the wound with clean water or a weak antiseptic solution.  Cover with sterile gauze or a pad of cotton wool and bandage.  For a deep cut, press onto the wound with a pad of cotton wool and bandage.  Raise the wounded part if it is a limb to reduce pain.  Seek medical attention. Bruises Cool the bruised part with very cold water or dab with a cloth soaked in cold water. Raise the injured part if… Read More »CUTS AND BRUISES

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