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Curtains and blinds

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FURNISHING THE HOUSE (HARD & SOFT) Furnishings can be classified into two: Hard furnishings Soft furnishings   Hard furnishings Case goods These are pieces of furniture that are not padded. Upholstered furniture These are furniture that are partially or wholly padded and covered with materials such as fabric, leather and poly vinyl chloride (PVC).   Furniture for different rooms Different rooms require different pieces of furniture depending on their use. The rooms are: Soft furnishing Soft furnishings are items made from fabric and other materials. They are both functional and decorative.   They include: Curtains and blinds Cushions and Pillows Carpets and floor rugs Bedcovers Loose covers and table clothes   Curtains and blinds They are used on windows and doors. They filter excess light, provide privacy and enhance the appearance of a room. Cushions and Pillows They provide comfort by supporting the body while sitting or sleeping. Carpets and… Read More »FURNISHING THE HOUSE

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