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Agricultural Science


It is the distance of plants between and within the rows. Correct spacing for each crop has been established as shown in table below. Crop Maize (Kitale) hybrids spacing 75-90 cm x 23—30 cm Crop Coffee (Arabica) tall varieties spacing 2.75 cm v 2.75 m Crop Tea spacing 1.5 m by 0.75 m Crop Beans (erect type) spacing 45 -60 m by 25 cm Crop Bananas spacing 3.6 — 6.0 m by 3.6 — 4.5 m Crop Coconut spacing 9 m x 9 m Crop Tomatoes (Money maker) spacing 100 x 50 cm Crop kales spacing 60 x 60 cm Spacing determines plant population and the main aim of correct spacing is to obtain maximum number of plants per unit area which will make maximum use of environmental factors. Wider spacing leads to a reduced plant population which means lower yields, whereas closer spacing could lead to overcrowding of plants… Read More »CROP SPACING – WELL DETAILED

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