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Crop Protection

Agricultural Science


FIELD PRACTICES – CROP ROTATION, MULCHING, ROUTING FIELD PRACTICES & HARVESTING Introduction Field practices are activities carried out on the field to facilitate proper growth and maximum yield of the various crops grown. They include the following: Crop Rotation Mulching Routing field practices Crop protection Harvesting Crop Rotation This is the growing of different types on the same piece of land in different seasons, in an orderly sequence. Importance of Crop Rotation Maximizes use of nutrients and moisture. Breaks the life cycle of pests and disease agents. Maintains good soil structure. Reduces soil erosion due to adequate soil cover. Controls weeds that are specific to certain crops e.g. striga on cereals Improves soil fertility when legumes are included in crop rotation. Factors Influencing Rotational Programme Growth habits and nutrient requirements. Liability to soil erosion. Crops attacked by the same pests and diseases should not follow one another in the programme.… Read More »FIELD PRACTICES – PROPERLY EXPLAINED

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