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Coordinating Conjunctions

English Language


A conjunction is a word that connects words or groups of words. Like prepositions, conjunctions show a relationship between the words they connect. But, unlike prepositions, conjunctions do not have objects. There are 3 main categories of conjunctions; (1) Coordinating conjunctions (2) Subordinating conjunctions (3) Correlative conjunctions   Coordinating Conjunctions Coordinating conjunctions connect related words, groups of words, or sentences. There are three coordinating conjunctions: and, but and or. And is used to join words, groups of words, or sentences together. But shows contrast while or shows choice.   Examples:┬áThe bull and the cart are inseparable. (connects two subjects). The cart carries the farmer and his tools. (connects two direct objects). The food was hard and tasteless. (connects two predicate adjectives). Each night, the dancers danced in a circle or in several other patterns. (connects two prepositional phrases). Some people died in the fracas, but most managed to escape, alive.… Read More »CONJUNCTIONS

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