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Control of Air Pollution



POLLUTION: DEFINITION. EFFECTS, CAUSES, SOURCES AND CONTROLS What is pollution? This is the introduction of foreign material, poisonous compounds and excess nutrients or energy to the environment in harmful proportions. Any such substance is called a pollutant.   Effects of Pollution on Human Beings and other Organisms Effects and Control of causes of Pollutants in Air, Water and Soil Industrialisation and urbanisation are the main causes of pollution. As human beings exploit natural resources the delicate balance in the biosphere gets disturbed. The disturbance leads to the creation of conditions that are un-favourable to humans and other organisms. Sources of Pollutants Motor vehicles release carbon (II) oxide, sulphur (IV) oxide, and nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. Agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Factories, manufacturing and metal processing industries. They release toxic substances and gases as well as synthetic compounds that are bio-undegradable. They release solid particles or droplets of poisonous substances e.g.… Read More »POLLUTION: DEFINITION. EFFECTS, CAUSES, SOURCES AND CONTROLS

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