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Contents of a First Aid Kit

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What is First Aid? First Aid is the immediate help given to a person who has had an accident or sudden illness before being placed under medical care. It is usually done at the place where the accident occurs. A person who gives first help uses a First Aid Kit. This is a container with items required to give the first help. By the end of the lesson you should be able to assemble items in a First Aid Kit.   Contents of a First Aid Kit   Cotton Wool   Bandages   Disposable Gloves   Clinical Thermometer   Ointment   Petroleum Jelly   Antiseptic   Adhesive Dressings   Surgical Blades   Scissors   Tweezers   Pain Killers   Gauze   Safety Pins   Sling   Notepad and Pen   Water   See also: BODY MEASUREMENTS DISEASES SYNTHETIC FIBRES WOOL cotton

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