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HUMAN EYE – STRUCTURE, FUNCTIONS AND PARTS Structure The human eye is spherical in shape and situated within a socket or orbit in the skull. It is attached to the skull by three pairs of muscle, which also control its movement. It is made up of three main layers; sclerotic layer, choroid and the light sensitive retina. Sclerotic layer Outermost white part situated at the sides and back of the eye. Made up of collagen fibres. It protects the eye and gives its shape. Cornea This is the transparent front part of the sclera that allows light to pass through. It is curved, bulging at the front. It thus reflects light rays hence helps to focus light rays onto the retina. Choroid The second or middle layer. It has many blood vessels that supply nutrients to the eye and remove metabolic wastes from the eye. It has dark pigments to… Read More »HUMAN EYE – STRUCTURE, FUNCTIONS AND PARTS

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