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English Language


Structure: Complex sentences: analysis of complex sentences The complex sentence is a combination of the main clause and one or more subordinate  caluse(s) Ex: I prayed before I left She came as soon as she heard   The analysis of a complex sentence Find out the principal clause Find out the subordinate clause Identify each sub – clause as noun clause, adjective clause and adverb clause Explain how each sub-clause is related to the principal clause And finally analyse both the principle and sub-clause as you analyse a simple sentence   Examples: Bukola told me that she would marry me Bukola told me – main clause That she would marry me – noun clause, object of the verb “told”   When I received my salary I went to Lagos where the zoo was situated. I went to Lagos – main clause When I received my salary – adverb clause of… Read More »COMPREHENSION

English Language


COMPREHENSION Comprehension is a process of reading, understanding and explaining what is written in a passage. For every comprehension exercise, there must be a passage to be read. The purpose of comprehension exercise is to test students’ understanding of a given passage. In comprehension, the thought of the writer are presented to students for reading, understanding and explaining. Useful Hints On SSCE Comprehension SSCE comprehension is to test students’ understanding of the passage. After reading the passage, you interpret or explain the content of the passage in your own words. It is when you do this that you claim to have understood the passage. Although you are at liberty to make use of words from the passage, you must be careful not to be too reckless in copying down the portion of the passage which you feel answers the questions. Always restrict your answer to you understanding of the passage.… Read More »COMPREHENSION/STRUCTURE/SPEECH WORK/VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT

English Language


HOW ANSWERING COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS.  Comprehension means understanding. Useful hints on answering comprehension questions. Read the passage carefully and quickly to get what it is all about. Read the questions that follow it. Read the passage all over again, this time jotting down points that will help you to answer the questions. Write out your answers in clear, correct English Read over your answers to ensure that there are no mistakes. Note: In the process of answering comprehension questions, you are advised to obey the instructions to the letter. No information which is not required should be given. Never give two answers where one is demanded. When replacing a word in the passage, test your equivalent in the passage to see if the original meaning of the passage or sentence has been retained.   Other hints are: If you are told to give a one-word answer, do not give more than… Read More »ANSWERING COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS

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