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Components of Physical Fitness


Physical Fitness

Meaning of Physical Fitness Physical fitness is an aspect of total fitness that is concerned with the physical well-being of an individual. Physical fitness is the ability of an individual to carry out his or her daily activities without undue fatigue and still have energy for social activities.   Physical fitness can also be defined as the ability to perform one’s daily occupational activities and still have strength for recreational and emergency activities. Hence a person is said to be physically fit when he or she has ability to carry out daily activities without undue fatigue and have enough energy left to enjoy leisure time and to meet unforeseen emergencies.   Components of Physical fitness The components of Physical fitness can be grouped into two.  These are! The health related component Performance or skill related component   The Health related Component This is directly related to the health of an… Read More »Physical Fitness



Meaning of Physical Fitness Physical fitness is the ability of an individual to perform his daily work well without feeling too tired and still have reserve energy in case of emergency.   Components of Physical Fitness The components of physical fitness are: (a) Health related components (b) Skills or performance related components   (a) The health related components are: (i) Muscular power (ii) Muscular strength (iii) Muscular endurance (iv) Cardio vascular respiratory endurance (v) Flexibility (vi) Resistance to diseases     (b) The performance related components include (i) Coordination (ii) Muscular power (iii) Speed (iv) Agility (v) Accuracy (vi) Balance (vii) Body composition Flexibility and power are essential for health and very important for skills performance.   Characteristics of a Physically Fit Person The characteristics of a physically fit person are as follows: (i) Physical characteristics: He has organic vigour, organic base, is active, is skilled in some physical activities… Read More »PHYSICAL FITNESS AND BODY CONDITIONING

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