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Communication may be defined as a means of sending and receiving information from one person to another or from one place to another. It connects buyers and seller together and also aid trade in commerce. Role of communication Communication provides quick means of sending and receiving information It enhances the spreading of information about market It facilitates the settlement of business debt Free flow of information through communication leads to increase in productivity It serves as tools for transacting business in international trade Types of communication oral communication written communication ORAL COMMUNICATION – is communication by speech. It includes face to face conversations, phone calls, lectures, interview, meeting etc WRITTEN COMMUNICATION – involves writing e.g. letters, telex, memo, report, E-mail etc. Means of communication In the olden days, communication was carried out traditionally with the use of talking drum, town criers, metal gong, palm frond, gun blast, smoke, bell etc.… Read More »COMMUNICATION



INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. E.g. computer, digital television, email Information Technology (I.T) refers to the systems used to store and manage information through the use of technology the use of technologies such as computers.   Information System (I.S) means a computer-based system to manage information. The system usually receives information, validates it, and does some calculating processing, stores the data and output information.   Examples of ICT are radio, television, telephone, GSM cellular networks, computers, and network hardware etc. as well as the various services and application associated with them, such as video conferencing and distance learning. ICT Tools (or Devices) Medium to record information e.g. magnetic disk/tape option disks, (CD/DVD), flash memory, etc. Technology for broadcasting information – e.g. radio, television. Technology for communicating through voice and sound or images –… Read More »INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT): Information and Communication Technology is an umbrella term that includes all technologies for the manipulation and computation of information.   ICT are the Computation and Communication facilities and features that variously support teaching, learning and a range of activities in education.  Communication is the process by which people exchange information or express their thought and feelings.   Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is about the discovery of new ways of communicating fast and more easily at any time in human life. ICT products can be individually or in combination with one another.   AREAS OF ICT APPLICATION ICT IN AGRICULTURE: The application of information and communication technology (ICT) in agriculture is increasingly important. E-Agriculture is an emerging field focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information and communication processes. More specifically, e-agriculture involve the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation and application of… Read More »Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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