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Pathogens, Diseases and their Prevention

Diseases Caused by Pathogens Pathogens are organisms that cause diseases. Majority of those organisms are micro – organisms which can only be seen by the microscopes.   Diseases Disease means illness or disorder of the body or mind. In other words, disease is a condition of abnormal function involving any structure, part or system of an organism.   Pathogens or Disease Causative agents Bacteria Viruses Fungi Protozoa Worms Vector e.g. insects   Types of disease Communication diseases Non – Communication diseases   Communicable Diseases These are diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another.   Pathogens enter into the body Through the mouth or nose Through the intestine Through the skin Through the anus   Types of Communicable Disease Airborne disease Waterborne disease Contaminated foods disease Contagious/skin contact disease Animal/Insect bites disease Examples of Communicable Disease Measles Malaria Mumps Pneumonia Cholera Ring worm Syphilis Small pox Tuberculosis Whooping… Read More »Pathogens, Diseases and their Prevention

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MEANING AND EXAMPLES OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES Communicable diseases are diseases that can be spread from one person to another. It can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact. When a person becomes sick with a communicable disease. It means that germs have invaded his body. It is always a good practice to wash our hand always with soap and water to prevent germs because germs are afraid of soap and water. Examples of germs are: fungi, virus, and bacteria. EXAMPLES OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES Measles Rabies Ring worm Leprosy Cholera Chicken pox Tuberculosis HIV/AIDS STDS Whooping cough MEANING AND EXAMPLES OF NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASES Non communicable diseases are diseases that you cannot transfer to another person. That is it cannot be gotten through body contact. EXAMPLES OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES Cancer Asthma Malaria Headache Heart diseases High blood pressure Sickle cell anemia Diabetes mellitus PRESENTATION The Teacher revises the previous lesson. The… Read More »COMMUNICABLE DISEASES

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What is communicable diseases?. Communicable diseases are those that are easily passed on from person to person or from host to person. A host refers to a carrier of disease causing organisms (germs). The common communicable diseases are: Signs and symptoms of communicable diseases  Severe abdominal pains Fever Nausea Loss of appetite Diarrhoea Dehydration Violent vomiting Acute diarrohea Abdominal pain Headaches General body weakness   Prevention and Control of Dysentery, Cholera and Typhoid – Practice proper disposal of human waste – Treat water for domestic use – Observe proper hygiene practices – Ensure regular medical checkups for food handlers   Scabies is a skin disease which manifests itself in form of rashes which form blisters and sores. Itchy skin Rashes which form blisters and sores This is a skin disease which manifests itself in form of whitish round rings) on the infected area. Itching of the infected areas Whitish round ring(s)… Read More »COMMUNICABLE DISEASES

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