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Common Wealth



ORGANS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS OF COMMON WEALTH OF NATIONS The following are the organs of the Commonwealth of Nations and their functions. The Prime Minister’s Conference; the prime minister’s conference is the highest organ of the Commonwealth. This organ is composed of the Heads of State and government of member-states or their accredited representatives.   FUNCTIONS OF COMMON WEALTH OF NATIONS Approval of Budget: It is the sole responsibility of the Prime Minister’s of member-states to receive and approve the budget of the organization. Appointment of the Secretary-General: It is the body that appoints the Secretary-General of the organization. Discussion of Problems: The Prime ministers of member-states discuss issues, problems as they affect member states and give recommendations or solutions for such problems. Power of Sanction: The Prime minster of member-states has the power to sanction any member that does not adhere to the aims and objectives upon which the… Read More »ORGANS, FUNCTIONS, ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROBLEMS OF COMMON WEALTH OF NATIONS



COMMON WEALTH OF NATION The Common Wealth of Nation is a voluntary association of the independent Countries who were formerly British Colonies. It is made up of Britain and Countries that were at one point in time or the other British colonies. The United States of America, though a former British colony, is not a member.   The British monarch (the queen) is the head of the common wealth.   HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The origin of Commonwealth started with British desire to conquer greater part of the world as its empire. All the territories acquired by Britain formed the British Empire. Countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa who were formerly Brother colonies were granted responsible and representative governments in the 19th century.   With that status, these countries were granted the freedom to elect their own legislature, manage their own internal affairs but they were still linked with… Read More »COMMON WEALTH OF NATION

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