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Colour Wheel

Catering, Home economics, Home management


THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF DESIGN The basic elements of designs are LINE: This refers to the outline of an object or to the obvious lines within it. SHAPE: This refers to the form of a solid object, which is created when lines are combined. The outline of a garment is its shape. SPACE: This refers to the three dimensional area that is to be designed. It is the entire area within a garment. TEXTURE: This is the way the surface of a fabric looks and feels. COLOUR: This is one of the most important elements. It has many visual effects and its own language. COLOUR WHEEL This is an arrangement of colours in a circle to show how they are related. The primary colours: They are red, yellow and blue. The secondary colours: They are orange, green and purple/ violet. Tertiary colours: These are six, and each is a blend… Read More »THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF DESIGN OF FABRICS

Catering, Home economics, Home management


This is the art of choosing, arranging and maintaining furnishings in the home. Colour is an important aspect in furnishing. Colour Colour is an element of design which can only be seen in the presence of light   Characteristics of colour There are three main characteristics of colour. These are: Hue Value Intensity Hue Hue is the name of a colour.   Value Value is the degree of lightness or darkness of a colour. The lighter values are known as tints while the darker values are known as shades. To get tints white is added to the hue while black is added to get shades. Intensity is the brightness or dullness of a colour.   Colour Wheel A colour wheel is the arrangement of colour in a circle showing their relationship. Colours are classified into three groups namely: Primary Colours Secondary Colours Tertiary Colours   Primary colours Primary colours are… Read More »FURNISHING THE HOME

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