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MATERIALS NEEDED FOR COLLECTION OF ORGANISMS Knives to cut portions of plant stem/root or uproot Polythene bags to put the collected plant or specimens Insect collecting jars Insect killing jars Hand gloves Sweep nets Pooters Traps   Observation of Organisms Observe the plant/animal in its natural habitat before collecting Identify the exact place -on surface, under rock, on tree trunk, on branches What does it feed on? How does it interact with other animals and the environment? How many of that kind of plant or animal are in a particular place? Plant specimens placed on the bench and sorted out into;- seeds/stems/roots/leaves/fruits Animal specimens may be left inside polythene bags if transparent Others (killed ones) are put in petri¬¨ dishes Use hand lens to observe the external features of small animals   Presenting the Results of Observations Organisms are observed and important features noted down: colour, texture ¬¨hard or soft;… Read More »MATERIALS NEEDED FOR COLLECTION OF ORGANISMS

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