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Cold Booting and Warm Booting



BOOTING Booting is a process that starts operating system when the user turns on the computer. Steps in booting a Computer: Put on the switch on the main socket to supply power to the system. Switch on the voltage regulator( known as stabilizer) Switch on the UPS Switch on the monitor before the system unit Wait for system check until you see start up icon, if you are using window Operating system. It is advisable to watch out for any unusual message that might be displayed on the screen during this period and respond appropriately. The computer tests its entire hardware component to ensure that they are in working condition. The test is known as power on self-test (POST). If booting is successful, the operating system is loaded from the disk into RAM. The screen shows icons such as the computer, recycling bin, internet explorer. At this point computer is… Read More »BASIC COMPUTER OPERATIONS

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