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CLOUDS  Are a mass of tiny droplets or ice particles formed when water vapour condenses. Three Cloud Forms Cirroform -Thin and wispy clouds composed of ice crystals. stratiform -Appear as greyish sheets covering most of the sky and are rarely broken into units. Cumuliform -Are massive rounded with a flat base and limited horizontal extent and billow upwards to great heights.   Basic Cloud Types Stratus Clouds -Are found in layers, are flat in shape and resemble fog. Nimbus Clouds -are dark at the base and sometimes white at the sides and cause rain and thunderstorms. Cirro-cumulus -Are white clouds consisting of white ice crystals. Nimbostratus -A rain cloud which is dark grey and spreads over the sky in low uniform layers. Cumulus Clouds -Clouds with a flat horizontal base, massive, rounded and less horizontal extent. Alto cumulus -High clouds composed of ice crystals which indicate fair weather. World distribution… Read More »CLOUDS

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