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MEANING OF COSTUME Costume refers to the clothes, accessories and hairdos worn by the players who are trying to look like a different person. Costumes add beauty to the entire outward appearance of the actors and actresses. Costumes also enable the players fit the targeted character perfectly. Costumes are sewn, designed and provided by the costumier or costume designer.   TYPES OF COSTUME There two types of costume. They are as follows. REAL COSTUME REHEARSAL COSTUME REAL OR AUTHENTIC COSTUME: This refers to the actual dresses and accessories intended to be worn by the players for the main drama presentation. REHEARSAL COSTUME: This refers to the dresses and accessories meant to be worn by the players for the main purpose of rehearsing a play.   CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES They include traditional dresses, caps, shoes, jewelries, hand bag, wrist watch etc.   EVALUATION Define costume. List the two types of costume… Read More »COSTUME IN DRAMA

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