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Closing your Document and quitting Word 2010



 TYPES OF TOOL BARS There are two types of tool bars in word processor a)      Standard tool bar b)      Formatting Toolbar Using the Microsoft Word steps a)      Click the start button to bring start menu b)      From the pull down menu click on Microsoft word  Creating a New document Creating a new document is a primary task in Word processing. Word 2010 opens a blank space ones you open the program from the start menu. The new document is based on a standard template and with default settings. Start typing your text right away or you can equally create a new document based on your own custom settings. To create a Document A.      Click on the office button B.      A dialog box appears C.      Click on new D.      A dialog box appears E.       You can start typing Saving a Document To save a document is to store it in the… Read More »WORD PROCESSING ENVIRONMENT

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