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Data Processing (secondary)


A computer network is system that connects two or more computers together using a communication link. It describes a processing system with a number of independent, relatively low speed, online, simultaneously usable work stations. In a network , remotely located computer stations are connected to a centrally located sophisticated, high speed processor via a communication link (telephone lines, microwave links, satellite) for purpose of sharing resources like printers, processor, programs and some other information. ¬†Work station/ Client: Each computer in a network is often referred to a work station or clients. Clients are the computers that can access the shared network resources provided by a server. ¬†Server:A server provides shared resources and data over a network. It is usually a high performance micro-computer with several drives often given several gigabytes of capacityand perhaps a few CD-ROM drivers, server allow all the microcomputer to have access to an external network via… Read More »NETWORKING | LAN, MAN, WAN, SERVER, TOPOLOGY

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