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Clean cooker & unclean cooker

Catering, Home economics, Home management


Precautions to take while handling fuels in the Home Ways of Conserving FuelFuel conservation is the economical use of fuel in the home.   Fuels can be conserved using the following ways: Light the cooker just when ready to use. Ensuring all cooking equipment is in good working order. Use of clean equipment   Clean cooker & unclean cooker The base of the pans and pots should be well fitting on the surface of the cooking unit. Use fuel saving devices Cover the food during cooking with a well-fitting lid. Make multiple use of fuel energy such as steaming while boiling. Objective By the end of the lesson, you should be able to explain different ways of conserving fuel.   See also: VENTILATION SICK AT HOME CONSUMER PROTECTION MEAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT CONSUMER AWARENESS

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