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Class Pisces



CHARACTERISTICS OF VERTEBRATES Bees are important in pollination i.e. in production of honey Members of the phylum have a notochord in early stages of development. They have visceral clefts – which are slits perforating the body wall at the pharynx. In fish these slits become gills while in higher chordates these slits are only present in embryo. They have a dorsal, hollow nerve cord. It develops into a brain at the anterior and spinal cord at the posterior end.   The spinal cord is enclosed within the vertebral column. They have segmented muscle blocks known as myotomes on either side of the body. They possess a post-anal tail although rudimentary in some. They have a closed circulatory system. The heart is ventrally located. They possess an internal skeleton.   KINGDOM PLANTAE The main classes of phylum chordata are; Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves Class Pisces These are the fishes. Some fish… Read More »CHARACTERISTICS OF VERTEBRATES



CLASSIFICATION OF ANIMALS AND ORGANIZATION OF LIFE THE VERTEBRATES (PHYLUM CHORDATA) All vertebrates have the following features: A bilaterally symmetrical body which is divided into a head, trunk and a tail with a neck joining the head to the trunk in most vertebrates. An internal skeleton (endoskeleton) Well developed central nervous system and sense organs. A closed blood system Skin covered with scales, feather or hair. The phylum chordata (animals with notochord) can be subdivided into five classes. Thee include   Class Pisces (tilapia, shark, dogfish) These are fishes which are aquatic, cold blooded (poikilothermic) i.e. the body temperature varies with that of the surrounding). Their bodies are covered with scales. They breathe through their gills Fertilization is external They posses fins for locomotion Their bodies are streamlined in shape   Class Amphibians (toad, frog, newt) They are cold blooded animals. They spend most of their time on land but… Read More »CLASSIFICATION OF ANIMALS AND ORGANIZATION OF LIFE

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