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CHEMISTRY LABORATORY AND APPARATUS Chemistry is studied mainly in a science room called a school chemistry laboratory. The room is better ventilated than normal classroom. It has electricity, gas and water taps. A school chemistry laboratory has a qualified professional whose called Laboratory technician/assistant. All students user in a school chemistry laboratory must consult the Laboratory technician/assistant for all their laboratory work. A school chemistry laboratory has chemicals and apparatus.   A chemical is a substance whose composition is known. All chemical are thus labeled as they are. This is because whereas physically a substance may appear similar, chemically they may be different. All Chemicals which are not labeled should never be use. Some chemicals are toxic/poisonous, explosive, corrosive, caustic, irritants, flammable, oxidizing, carcinogenic, or radioactive. Care should always be taken when handling any chemical which have any of the above characteristic properties.   Common school chemistry laboratory chemicals include:… Read More »CHEMISTRY LABORATORY AND APPARATUS

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