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Civil Societies

Social Studies


Ways of Solving Contemporary Social Problems in Nigeria Contemporary social problems in Nigeria can be solved by applying the following measures: Rule of law Anti-corruption agencies Civil society Government policies Infrastructural development and maintenance Job creation to reduce unemployment Religious organization Public opinion leader School Personal discipline Security agencies   Solutions or Measures of Solving Social Problems Rule of Law This means that no one is above the law; that is, before the law all men are equal. Most of the contemporary social problems can be eradicated if we all obey the laws of the country. All offenders including corrupt leaders who steal or embezzle public funds should be punished irrespective of their wealth or position. There should be no ‘sacred cows’. Anti-Corruption Agencies Anti corruption agencies such as the EFCC  and ICPC should be allowed to operate the way they see fit, and no corrupt leader should be shielded, neither… Read More »WAYS OF SOLVING CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL PROBLEMS IN NIGERIA

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