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Importance of Circumcision to Abraham and His Descendants (Gen. 17: 1 – 16) The rite of circumcision was started by Abraham and has been practiced by the Jews up to the present times.   In the Old Testament, it was important because: (i) Through circumcision: God assured Abraham that he would fulfill His promises to him. (ii) Circumcision was a sign that Abraham and his descendants had entered into a covenant with God. It was an outward sign of inner faith. (iii) Circumcision was a mark of identity for the Jews. (iv) It was a sign of obedience to God. (v) It was an acceptance of God as the only true God and their willingness to remain faithful to him In the New Testament. (vi) Circumcision doesn’t qualify one to be a child of God. One is accepted as a Christian without circumcision as long as they have faith in… Read More »JEWISH AND AFRICAN PRACTICES OF CIRCUMCISION

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