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Acceptance of special responsibilities in Christian communities. According to Long-man Active Study Dictionary, responsibility means to take, accept, responsibility for something. It can also mean to be held duty bound to do or accept to do something.   WHAT IS LEADERSHIP According to the Longman Active study dictionary, leadership means when someone is the leader of a team, organization and so on. It could also mean the quality of being good at leading a team’s organization, country and so on.   CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY The Christian Community has so many aspects that require our services. Special people are always called upon to perform special assignment. Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Deborah and Gideon were special people and God used them wonderfully in special ways. God also used some political leaders; they are used by God to achieve special assignment that will glorify Him. The kings, Priest, Prophets and Judges are some of the… Read More »HUMAN RIGHT SOCIETY

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