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CHOREOGRAPHY   MEANING OF CHOREOGRAPHY: Choreography is art of designing sequence of rhythmic movements or dances. Choreography is also the arrangement of the movements of the dance, sometimes in uniform style. PROCESSES OF A CHOREOGRAPHER: The processes a choreographer must undertake when performing choreography include: Conception of the dance idea: The choreographer conceives the dance idea or thinks deeply about the dance steps to perform choreography. Gathering of the movement: The choreographer gathers the dance movements. Creating final structure and polishing performance: This activity is done during dress rehearsal.   BASIC HARMONY IN MUSIC COMPOSITION REVIEW OF TRIAD: Triad refers to a set of three notes or pitches that are be stacked vertically on a staff. The triad’s members from lowest pitched tone to the highest are called The root The third ( Its interval above the root note being the minor third ( three semitones ) or major third (four… Read More »CHOREOGRAPHY

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