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¬†Choking Choking is when one is not able to breathe. Choking is caused by food or foreign objects such as seeds, bones and coins stuck in the throat or air passage making breathing difficult. Encourage the casualty to cough – Give back slaps – Obstruction Avoid putting foreign objects in the mouth. Children should not play while eating.   If casualty is breathing, encourage him/her to cough as this will help to dislodge the obstruction. For babies, hold upside down by the legs and pat gently on the upper part of the back until the object pops out. For older children and adults, hit the person sharply with the palm of the hand between the shoulder blades until the object pops out.   You can also stand behind the casualty, link your hand below their naval, press the belly with strong jerks until the object pops out.   Suffocation ¬†Suffocation… Read More »CHOKING, SUFFOCATION AND SHOCK

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