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(A) PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ACIDS Acids have a characteristic sour taste Most acids are colourless liquids Mineral acids are odourless. Organic acids have characteristic smell All acids have pH less than 7 All acids turn blue litmus paper red, methyl orange red and phenolphthalein colourless. All acids dissolve in water to form an acidic solution. Most do not dissolve in organic solvents like propanone, kerosene, tetrachloromethane, petrol.   (B) CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF ACIDS. Reaction with metals All acids react with a reactive metal to form a salt and produce /evolve hydrogen gas. Metal + Acid -> Salt + Hydrogen gas Experiment: reaction of metals with mineral acids. (a)Place 5cm3¬†of dilute hydrochloric acid in a small test tube. Add 1cm length of polished magnesium ribbon. Stopper the test tube using a thump. Light a wooden splint. Place the burning splint on top of the stoppered test tube. Release the thump stopper.… Read More »PROPERTIES OF ACIDS

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