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Characteristics of waves



What is a wave?. A wave is simply a disturbance that moves through a medium . Other waves do not require a medium to travel i.e. they can travel in a vacuum, are known as electromagnetic waves e.g. radio, X-rays, gamma rays UV rays etc. Other waves require a material medium to be transferred and are called mechanical waves i.e. water, sound waves etc.   Transverse and longitudinal pulses and waves. Transverse waves– they consist of a crest and a trough. In this case the displacement of the medium caused by these pulses are perpendicular to the direction in which the wave (disturbance) travels. A pulse is a single non-repeated disturbance. If the pulses are repeated periodically (regularly) they produce a series of waves called periodic transverse wave train. They can be produced as shown below. Examples are water waves, light and radio waves.   Longitudinal waves– these are waves… Read More »WAVES

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