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Characteristics of cattle

Agricultural Science


MANAGEMENT OF RUMINANT [CATTLE] Cattle Breeds of cattle Terms used in cattle management Characteristics of cattle System of rearing cattle Feeding of cattle Management of cattle   Cattle are ruminant animal (they have complex or complicated stomach structures). Cattle have hollow horns and hoofs. They are reared for meat, milk, hide and skin, manure and draught animals for farm work. They belong to the family bovidae and genus Bos; humped cattle are Bosindicushumpless are Bostaurus.   BREEDS OF CATTLE Breeds of cattle can be grouped into three. These are Beef cattle: They can produce good quality meat SokotoGudali,  Red Bororo, Kuri, N’dama, Muturu, Keteku etc. Dairy cattle: They are reared mainly to produce milk. White Fulani, Jersey, Ayshere, etc. Dual purpose cattle: They can produce meat and milk Muturu, Wadara (Shuwa) etc.   TERMS USED IN CATTLE MANAGEMENT Bull: an adult male cattle             Cow: an adult female cattle Calf: a… Read More »LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT

Agricultural Science


Cattle (Bosspp) Belong to the family of animals called hoofed animals, reared majorly for meat and milk. Humped cattle are scientifically called Bosindicus, while humpless cattle are called Bostaurus. They may or may not have horns. Characteristics of cattle They have large body size They belong to the family of mammals called Bovine They are mammals because they give birth to their young ones alive. They are ruminants Male and female cattle possess horns A female cow can produce one calf a year (gestation period is 283 days) Beef cattle are usually stocky, i.e. has a lot of flesh/meat while dairy cattle are usually bony. Cattle generally feed on forage crops. Breed of cattle includes sokoto gudali, keteku, red bororo, N’dama, muturu, white Fulani etc.   Sheep (Ovisaries) Sheep also belongs to the family of hoofed animals. They are reared in all countries and provide meat (mutton), milk and wool… Read More »CHARACTERISTICS OF FARM ANIMALS

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