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Agricultural Science


This is based on nutrient composition: Feed additives. Roughages Are feeds of low available nutrients per unit weight and high fibre content Examples: Dry roughages, Succulent roughages, Residues from agricultural by products and conserved materials. Characteristics Low level of available nutrients. Have high level of calcium especially legumes. Good source of vitamin A. Have high fibre content. Concentrates Are feeds of high available nutrients per unit weight. Examples: Maize germ and bran, malt extract, milk products, soyabeans, oil seed cakes, meat meal, bonemeal Characteristics Low fibre content. Feed content is consistently high. High digestibility of the feed. High in nutrient content.   Feed Additives These are substances added to the feed to increase; palatability, medication or hormones to make animals produce more. There are two types: Nutritive additives, such as mineral licks (maclick). Non-nutritives additives, such as: – medicants (coccidiostats), – Stilboestrol (used in beef animals) – Oxytocin (to increase… Read More »CLASSIFICATION OF ANIMAL FEEDS



A computer system or tool is a collection of hardware and software components designed to provide an effective tool for computer system and are used in everywhere to assist us in the various task we perform.   CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPUTERS AS TOOL FOR DATA PROCESSING SPEED: A computer is a very fast device, it can carry out instructions at a very high speed obediently uncritically and without exhibiting any emotions. Some calculation that would have taken hours and days to complete otherwise, can be completed in few seconds usually the computer is calculated in MHz, that is one million instructions per second. ACCURACY: Accuracy of a computer is consistently high and the degree of accuracy of a particular computer depends on the instructions and type of processor. Computer has high accuracy in performing tasks. VERSATILITY: Versatility is one of the most wonderful things about computer. Multi-processing features of computer makes… Read More »CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPUTERS AS TOOL FOR DATA PROCESSING

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