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Cell Physiology



COMPARISON BETWEEN ANIMAL CELL AND PLANT CELL Plant Cell & Animal Cell Cell Specialisation Cells are specialised to perform different functions in both plants and animals Example; Palisade cells have many chloroplasts for photosynthesis Root hair cells are long and thin to absorb water from the soil Red blood cells have hemoglobin which transports oxygen Sperm cells have a tail to swim to the egg Multicellular organisms cells that perform the same function are grouped together to form a tissue Each tissue is therefore made up of cells that are specialised to carry out a particular function.   Organs An organ is made up of different tissues e.g. the heart, lungs, kidneys and the brain in animals and roots, stems and leaves in plants Organ systems Organs which work together form an organ system Digestive, excretory, nervous and circulatory in animals and transport and support system in plants organism. Different… Read More »COMPARISON BETWEEN ANIMAL CELL AND PLANT CELL

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