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VARIATION IN POPULATION¬†¬† Population is a group of organisms of the same specie living in a specified area within a given period of time. Variation refers to the differences which exist between individuals of the same species Types of variations Morphological variation Physiological variation. ¬† Morphological variation is the noticeable physical appearance of individuals of the same species. This physical appearances change gradually within a population. The feature observed shows a gradual transition between two extreme forms (continuous variation) e.g. size (height or weight), colour and finger prints. Physiological variation is the difference in the ways individuals of the same species behave or react to conditions in their environment. It is not visibly apparent like morphological variation. It relates to the functioning of the body. In physiological variation, organisms can be grouped into two or more classes within a population without any graduation or intermediate between or among them (discontinuous… Read More »VARIATION IN POPULATION

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