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Causes of Road Accidents

Social Studies


Meaning of Traffic Rules and Regulations Traffic rules and regulations refer to a set of laws prepared for road users on how to behave on the road. Road Signs and Traffic Lights Every day, we come across many signs on our roads. Such signs include the following: Traffic Lights:This is usually located at cross-roads junctions. Traffic lights has three colours, which are amber, green and red. Each colour gives specific instruction to road users. E.g. Amber (Yellow light) indicates GET READY TO GO. Green means GO. Red means STOP. Traffic Lights   Zebra Crossing:This is used to indicate where pedestrians(people walking) can safely cross the road. Once a pedestrian steps on the zebra line, motorists, motorcyclists and bicycle riders are expected to stop. Zebra crossing are usually constructed in front of schools, hospital, markets and busy spots. Road Diversion:It is a roads sign that prepares road users for a change in the direction of the road. Hill Sign:The hill sign… Read More »SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR PEDESTRIANS, CYCLISTS, MOTORISTS

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