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Causes of Food Decay

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This is the process of treating food to stop or slow down food decay and deterioration. Causes of Food Decay Food spoilage and decay is brought about by: Bacteria Fungi Enzymes Oxidation   Bacteria These are single celled micro-organisms that multiply rapidly under warm and moist conditions. Fungi These include the yeasts and moulds. They thrive under warm, moist conditions. Enzymes They are organic catalysts that speed up rate of reaction. They are responsible for the ripening of fruits and decay of fruits, vegetables and meat. Oxidation This is a reaction in which oxygen is added to a substance. This brings about change especially in colour.   Traditional Methods Salting This is the use of high concentration of salt which draws water from the food. This makes the conditions unfavourable for the thriving of micro-organisms. Salted Meat Smoking This is a method of using smoke from burning firewood. The food… Read More »FOOD PRESERVATION

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