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Environmental problem is the numerous and different challenges (problems) that threatens the lives of the people in their environment. Example of such pollution and natural hazards like storms and earthquakes. It could be caused by man or nature which poses a serious danger or risk to lives or properties of people in their environment. Environmental problems are consequences of human intervention in his environment. Variety of environmental problems now affect our entire world.   TYPES OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM Natural: This happens naturally and most of the time unexpectedly e.g. flood Man-made: This occurs due to daily activities of human beings e.g. air pollution.   CAUSES OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM These could be natural or man-made.   NATURAL CAUSES Erosion: This is the washing away of the top layers of the soil by following water. Earthquake: It is the physical displacement of materials in the earth crust which leads to a sudden… Read More »ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS

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