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Causes of Diseases



Causes of Diseases Diseases are caused by the following factors: Inadequate nutrition Lack of Exercise Dirty environment Use of unsafe water Improper disposal of sewage and refuse Not seeking and getting treatment on time Overcrowding and poor ventilation Bad/poor health habits Ignorance   Preventive Measures against Diseases Diseases can be prevented in the following ways: Adequate nutrition Adequate warm up and Exercise Clean environment Use of safe water Proper disposal of sewage and refuse Seeking and getting treatment on time Avoid Overcrowding and poor ventilation Good hygiene Health education Immunization Vaccination   EVALUATION Identify health habits or practices that could lead to outbreak of diseases in your school community. As a student, how would you prevent outbreak of infectious diseases in your school?   See also DISEASES CAUSED BY PATHOGENS PATHOGENS THE IMPORTANCE OF FOOD MEANING AND CLASSES OF FOOD FOOD AND BASIC FOOD GROUPS

Agricultural Science


Introduction Livestock Health is the state of the body in which all the organs and systems are normal and functioning normally. Disease is any deviation from the normal health of the animal. Importance of Keeping Livestock Healthy: Healthy animals give high income due to low treatment costs. The productive life span of a healthy animal is longer. High production. Healthy animals can multiply regularly. Healthy animals give high quality products for example eggs. Safety of consumers of livestock products. Predisposing Factors to Livestock Diseases These are conditions within or around the animal that make it easy for an animal to contract a disease. They include: Animal factors such as; –  species, –  breed, –  age, –  sex –  colour of the animal. Environmental factors such as; – chilling, – being rained on, –  exposure to hot sun –  dampness. Management factors such as; – poor feeding, – housing, – handling… Read More »AMAZING LIVESTOCK HEALTH – WELL DETAILED

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