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MEANING OF SAFETY Safety means keeping yourself and others free from harm or danger. That’s being careful not to fall, bump or run into things. MEANING OF ACCIDENT Accidents are unplanned or unexpected events that happen to human beings. Accidents can happen everywhere, for example, in the schools, homes, roads and markets.   COMMON ACCIDENTS  Falling objects Bruises Cuts Burns Poisoning Drowning Choking Electric Shock   CAUSES OF ACCIDENT  At home  Running or playing football on a slippery floor. A leaking gas cylinder. Children playing with matches. Use of naked light near a petrol container. Careless use of boiling rings. Leaving water taps open when there is no water.   In the school  Slippery football field. Use of naked electric wire in laboratories and classrooms. Failure to keep the school premises clean and tidy.   See also Water and Chemical Pollution Air and Noise Pollution Environmental Health   OBJECTS THAT… Read More »SAFETY AND ACCIDENTS

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