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Categories of Application Package



Application Software These refer to the program used to solve a particular type of problem or variety of similar problems. Mostly, application programs are produced by an organisation for its specific tasks. Types of application software There are two major types of application software. These are: Users’ Application Program Application Package Users’ Application Programs: These consist of programs written specifically for individual application. They are also called customized software. Application Package: These are programs designed to solve common problem. They are written in generalized form. Some application packages can undertake a single-task while some other ones, called general-purpose can carry out many tasks. Categories of Application Package: Application package can be categorised based on the functions they perform. Common types are: Word Processing Packages Graphic Packages Database Packages Games Animation Packages Presentation Packages Spreadsheet Packages   Most of the packages mentioned above can be used for more than one business… Read More »APPLICATION SOFTWARE – Full Explanation

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